Elbe 1.69

Navigate through source code and edit it.


  • lean and fast


    Navigate through source code and edit it.

    Elbe is an editor, navigator, symbol expander, print previewer and command processor for (possibly) a wide variety of formal languages. Currently these languages are supported: Isabelle theories (*.thy), Windows batch (*.bat,* .cmd), GAP algebraic files (*.in), COBOL (*.cob,*.cbl), Swift MT940 formalism (*.mt), Fortran (*.ftn), VHDL (*.vhdl) Abap (*.abap) Lex/Yacc (*.lex;*.yacc) Accent (*.acc) Ada (*.adb;*.ads) C (*.c;*.h) JAVA (*.java) Perl (*.pl) REXX (*.rexx) SPS (*.sps), VDM (*.vdm*), PVS (*.pvs).

    Beatiful print preview and mathematical symbol editor for Isabelle

    Its a lean and fast loading editor with code completion and syntax highliting. It loads faster than any IDE and offers more functions than a word oriented editor.

    Software developers in a multilanguage environment, administrators of and development landscape

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